WHY DON’T YOU JUST ASK ME TO CHOOSE WHICH OF MY CHILDREN I LOVE THE MOST!?? ;) Seriously though, just choose three? That’s a real tough one. How about if I choose the three I’m most excited about at the moment?

I will say that if I were to make a list of all-time favorites, Templar, AZ, Broodhollow, Black is the Color and As The Crow Flies, all mentioned here before, would be high on the list of contenders. As would Emily Carroll's excellent short comics.

Okay, okay. Three comics that may or may not be my favorites, but…but that I’m really excited to be reading right now…

Bird Boy is one I only discovered a few months ago, but it’s got a cute-as-a-button protagonist, an interesting world that I want to know more about, and really dynamic art.

The Stiff is a comic I used to read back when it was on Modern Tales. (Remember Modern Tales? Anyone?) Then when Modern Tales collapsed, it vanished. Jason Thompson kept releasing work on verious projects (but DAMNED if he didn’t make himself hard to find sometimes!) BUT NOW, FOR THE FIRST TIME IN YEARS The Stiff is back online, being re-released in it’s entirety! Squee!

(Speaking of Modern Tales, if The Bizarre Life of Charlie Redeye still existed online in any form it would probably make the spot for my favorite obscure comic. Ah well.)

I found Starlock on tumblr via her Welcome to Night Vale art, but it’s her webcomic Hotblood that’s kept me coming back. Western-fantasy is one of those niche genres that’s really hit or miss for me, and this one was a hit.

But there are SO many that I love that I’ve left out here….

Oh! Obscure webcomics…well, Eggshells seems pretty obscure to me, in that I haven’t encountered many people who’ve heard of it. It’s a weird, surreal and mostly-visual little story. If you like your comics both freaky and deaky, you’ll probably like this.

Thanks for the ask! 

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