The best, eh? Well I can give you a couple of my favorites at least. 

You should be reading Distillum. Distillum is an action/adventure story set in our world, with a slightly scifi undercurrent. Great characters, fun, lively art and a solidly planned out story arc.

The End is the story of what happens when a couple of seriously misinformed aliens abduct a few attendees at a comic convention. …It’s a bit more dramatic and a bit less goofy than it sounds. I like a lot of things about this comic, especially the way the world outside earth is revealed bit by bit, as our hapless humans learn about it.

For more action-centric action/adventure, I’d recommend Vibe. I don’t like many comics that are centered around superpowered fighting but Vibe won me over with a sense of humor that reminds me of Paranatural and some beautiful dynamic art.

You should be reading all of them!

quietserval asked:

For the person asking about the old west comic, they may be thinking about a web comic called "Goodbye Chains.". Unfortunately, the author seems to have taken the comic down from it's old website but there is a tumblr dedicated to it that has a downloadable version of the comic.

I remember Goodbye Chains! I fell off reading it after a while, so I don’t know if anyone died and came back as a ghost or not. I do remember Colin’s hilarious communism. 

If one of them did die and come back as a ghost, I hope it was Banquo. I mean. The name.

punkrockbrucebanner asked:

hi! I don't know whether you do search requests, but reading Hotblood! has reminded me of this great webcomic I read a few years back. It was set in the Old West, had a character who was sorta like Asa Langley (in that he was a fancy-looking dude with black hair and glasses and involved with the other male lead after a lot of buildup), and involved one of the main characters dying and coming back as a ghost. I can't remember the name but I do highly recommend this one!

Last time someone was looking for a specific comic one of my readers found it for him, so let’s see what happens this time ‘round!


For scifi, I’ve already mentioned Ava’s Demon, Derelict and Nuclear Winter on this blog, but you should also be reading leveL

And for fantasy, if you like fairy tales there’s No Rest For The Wicked, returned after a long hiatus. Funny and mysterious with a hint of Grimm horror at times. The Phoenix RequiemBlindsprings, and Guilded Age have also been mentioned on this blog.


You should be reading The Phoenix Requiem! Now completed, it’s a long-running fantasy story that definitely has the feel of being planned out.

And if you like subtle and long running you may also like The Abominable Charles Christopher, one of my favorites. This little beauty has been going since 2007 and seems to finally be nearing the end of the title character’s long running “quest.”

You should be reading DAR! by Erika Moen, one of my personal webcomic heroes. A journal comic that spans six years, letting you watch the creator develop both as an artist and a human being. Also it’s damn funny. You might also enjoy one of Moen’s other webcomics- Bucko, which is slice of life style fiction. NSFW

If you enjoyed the food & recipe bits of Johnny Wander you might enjoy I Think You’re Sauceome, a comic that started out as an expression of the artist’s body issues but grew into something that helped improve her relationship with food and her own body.

There’s also Ninja Joe Journal, an autobio strip that has a nice short archive and can easily be binged in one sitting. Don’t worry, the only ninja-y thing in it is the protagonist is always dressed as a ninja, a fact no one ever seems to notice or comment on.

And here’s a bit of a wild card—Try Great. It’s not quite what I’d call slice of life, because it’s a little too madcap and goofy to be part of our world, but it’s very funny and there’s nothing else quite like it.


Oh well. 

If you like Emily Carroll’s comics (and who doesn’t?) you might be interested in Julia Gfrorer’s work. I’ll particularly recommend Black is the Color, one of my favorites. The story of a sailor set adrift at sea. Dark, strange and funny in the most unexpected ways.

I’ll also recommend Ava’s Demon, a beautifully illustrated science fiction story that has a very genre-bending feel. 

Finally, there’s a fairly new comic that’s starting to get a lot of attention called Blindsprings. It’s got some interesting fairies and beautiful artwork.